Music Video

Music clip is a short video clip accompanying a song. The key role belongs to the song, which determines a video set. This is why editing is an important part in the process of making the music video, it should be dynamic and well connected with the music.

A music video clip may be presented as a sequence of beautiful pictures, or as a short movie with a clear storyline, many actors, properties etc.

Unlike commercial clips, music videos rarely use the same setting, change of locations makes them more dynamic and magnitude. A lot of propsare is frequently applied, actors and dancers are invited, the dancing moves are honed under choreographer’s supervision.

When Mumiy Troll’s “Trolleybus Four” clip was made, the traffic was blocked off along the central street and along the bridge across Zolotoy Rog Bay in Vladivostok. Some scenes were shot by our cameramen.

На съемках клипа «Четвертый троллейбус». Владивосток, Океанский проспект

It is important to make music video that will not only look good but will also make people want to watch it all over again with the same interest as the first time. A high-quality and well-thought video clip emphasizes values of a song.

A cost of music clip production differs considerably. It depends on the amount of efforts and resources used in the project. A large number of specialists are engaged in making the clip. First of all, a script is required that can give a clear idea of the general story and  concept.

In preparation for the shooting process, it is necessary to think over and prepare the set design, properties and costumes, find actors and, where necessary, appropriate locations, think over images of characters, choreograph dances. Like in production of a commercial clip, a big team is engaged in music video making: director, cameramen, lighting, makeup artists, stylists, sound producer, choreographer etc. In the process of videoediting, different sound and visual effects are added, which is important part of making process.