Presentation Movie

A presentation video is our company’s specialty, which fully demonstrates all the advantages of various products and services. Having a presentation movie today is an essential element of any big company’s image. A high-quality corporate video will always bring the attention to an exhibition stand, TV screen or web site, and also make your rivals jealous:)

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A presentation movie allows a company to communicate with its clients and potential consumers as well as business partners and investors. One of the important advantages of presentation clips is their long running time . A professionally made movie, with wise choice of information, may remain relevant for several years.

There are different types of corporate videos. It can be an image movie that will tell the company’s history and stages of its development, introduce to viewer the company’s structure and departments, management and key employees, and tell about company’s achievements and success. Such movie will become a sort of a video encyclopedia of the company.

A presentation video can be dedicated to a particular service or particular business line of the company. A detailed story will help a client fully understand the promoted item. As an example, you can watch a video our company made for one of the leading Russian travel agencies. The video presents Montenegro for tourism purposes.

The movie can also be educational. It can be used for corporate purposes – as a manual for the employees, which will help understand new equipment, software, occupational safety etc.

It is worth noting that making a presentation video is an even more time-consuming process than shooting a regular commercial due to a rather long running time (2 – 3 to 10 – 15 minutes), and presence of graphics and animation.