Non-live action Commercial Clip

Non-live action video clips are becoming more and more popular. The fundamental distinction from a live action clip is the absence of actors. People in this case are replaced by complex production shots, special effects (slow motion), graphics, 2D and 3D animation.

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Non-live action videos are commonly used for food advertising. It became a separate form of art in advertising. Food is the most whimsical model for shooting, which is why creative writers use all possible tricks and the most sophisticated ways to make the promotional product look marketable. In gifted hands of food stylists, food products turn into culinary masterpieces while splendid close shots make such advertising the most efficient.

In order to make food look good and colors more intense, experts use the most cunning tricks. Thus, milk is often replaced by PVA glue, glycerin makes sea food look so fresh as if it was caught just this morning, and engine oil is used instead of unphotogenic syrup. Dumplings, for example, are a true nightmare for a food stylist. For commercial shootings, they are handmade and consist only of dough, otherwise dark spots of meat will be visible.

If an unreal object needs to be shown in a commercial, computer graphics will help. For instance, in the clip, that our studio made for a Primorye TV channel anniversary, a gigantic camera stand, microphone and camera are placed on a cityscape.