News Item

From a production viewpoint, a news item and a commercial clip have a lot in common: both require writing a screenplay, dialogues, searching for actors, location. A news item is usually required when it is necessary to cover a particular event. The point is not only to show the event but also to tell about it.

An item is a video narration of the event. It may be opening of a new shop, presentation, invitation to an exhibition or a report from this exhibition. And the event may be used as a newsworthy occurrence to tell a viewer about your company, share your point of view on this or that problem.

News item running time is 2 to 10 minutes. Normally, a news item is made to be broadcasted on TV channels or Internet TV channels. Nevertheless, after the actual broadcasting the clip does not lose its relevancy and may be further used for presentation on exhibition screens or become a foundation for a corporate or presentation movie.

As an example of news items, we can provide a range of items made by our studio for Domocenter company. The clips are made as a television commercial, where the anchorman tells about building new houses.