Live Action Commercial Clip

The main type of commercial broadcasting, as well as ad blocks before screening in movie theaters, is live action video. The key element of such video clips is actors. As a rule, a live action clip has a plot, film set, properties etc. The main feature of this type is a short running time. The videos are normally up to a minute, during which the viewer should be told a story that can successfully present a commodity that will stick in their minds.

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For example, a video may attract the viewer with its dreamlike and cozy feel of home…:

…or with a harmonic combination of narration and pictures:

The character may get in an awkward situation because she/he does not know a foreign language…:

…or because she/he bought a secondhand car:

Humorous videos are well accepted by viewers and lean the public towards the product.

Commercial video shooting is a difficult and time-consuming process, which can be compared with movie production. Shooting a short 30-second video may take several days.

Commercial videos are what present a product to a numorous public, which is why the creation requires thorough preparation. Especially if it is a live action clip involving actors, complex set design and computer graphics.

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